joi, 7 februarie 2008

Nu ascultasem prea mult Lacrimosa, când o bună prietenă mi-a dat link-ul către melodia “Alleine zu zweit” care m-a “vrăjit” de la prima audiţie… Versurile sunt în limba germană, însă avem prin... bunăvoinţa unor oameni generoşi care le-au tradus şi varianta lor în engleză:

“At the end of truth

At the end of light
At the end of love
At the end - there are you
(The heart empties - there goes a part of me )
Nothing has survived
We have parted in silence long ago
And with every day of ‘us’
grew the lie of our love
And the further we went on our path together
The further we have grown apart

Lonely - together
We have forgotten to find us a new
Habit gaggs
Dullness suffocates
Arrogance makes you drunk
and closeness drives to flight

Dance - my life - dance
Dance with me
dance with me again
into the pure flush of naked love

If I see him/her like this
If I experience him/her
If I watch us
Something survived
And when I find strength and hope
If I could believe in us
If I could reach him/her
Have him/her for myself once more
If the base - our foundation
If we could explore us once again
If he/she only wanted
I will !”

Dar uitaţi şi videoclipul... cât este de... sugestiv :P
Lacrimosa- Alleine Zu Zweit

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