marți, 20 octombrie 2009


The movement of my thoughts fascinates me in a way that nothing else in this world can. Dancing and swirling so gracious that they suffocate me… Breathe… just breathe for me, darling. Let’s pretend... yeah, another “let’s pretend” game. They are my favorites, you know. Where was I? Oh yeah, let’s pretend that you are, just for this time only, listening to me. And that you care. Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t it?
No, it wouldn’t. I know it wouldn’t, but… just for the fun of it.
Horizons and horizons of barriers. Imprisonments and imprisonments. When will it all stop? Trapped inside your own mind’s dungeons and castles. Inside your own core. So sad… Don’t cry, little baby, don’t be afraid, momma’s going to sing you a lullaby. Hush…
Veins of hair painted in red will hollow you, my love… Don’t you want to feel the burn of your soul? It craves for the taste of blood, I can feel it. It resembles mine far too much not to recognize the thirst.
And you have such a deliciously evil perfume. I simply adore the scent of your skin in the morning. It drives me crazy. It always has. Let me taste the color of your skin one more time. Let me drink your lips. Let me possess you. Don’t be frightened, darling, I’ll be gentle, I promise.
Your desire is spellbound to mine. Stop fighting it, for crying out loud! Life sometimes sucks. Get over it.

sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009


........And it feels like forever...